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1937-07-19,PittsPress.PaulRWaddell - Headquarters, Court 4900 Other THE PITTSBURGH...
Headquarters, Court 4900 Other THE PITTSBURGH PKESS SHORT SHORT-STORY SHORT-STORY SHORT-STORY Inseparable By PAUL R. WADDELL "UMM, ISN'T he grand!" Karen exclaimed. Rocky and I looked up from our comfortable positions positions on the warm beach. Rocky was obviously perturbed, perturbed, for he squinted, and stroked his mustache. His scrutiny was brief but thorough. "Karen." Rocky decided suddenly, suddenly, "you've got it!" "Got it?" Karen repeated, a slight frown brushing her forehead. forehead. "TJhuh." Rocky elaborated: 'That's the first time I've ever heard you admire a man in public." public." "Well?" Karen countered, not releasing her gaze from the swimmer. swimmer. Rocky got up. "Come on." he ordered, leading her toward the water. "Ill introduce you." He watched Karen's eyes brighten. "He'll make an excellent husband," husband," he added. Thus they met, Karen Walsh and Ed Moran. Karen: brief, brown and symmetrical; Ed: tall, and darkly handsome. We called it "the perfect match of tne handsome couple.' Not love at first sight, mind you they looked twice! In two months they were married. married. Thereafter they were constantly constantly together, like two shadows that the sun forms from one person. person. We nicknamed them 'The Inseparables." WE WERE in New York one weekend, and Ed invited Rocky and me to supper. We accepted. accepted. Karen was a charming hostess, and Ed the perfect hast. It was a great night. I still look back at us there in the dining room. Rocky and I envied those two in their happiness. Karen was bewitch-ingly bewitch-ingly bewitch-ingly beautiful, and Ed still breathlessly in love. We were silent for a moment, I remember. Across the table the young husband husband enthused: "Gosh, honey, if Hollywood could see you!" Karen answered, "Not Hollywood dear just you!" Their first-born first-born first-born took Karen to death's door. Ed was the faithful, worried husband, refusing to leave the hospital until the crisis had passed. He suffered for loss of sleep, yet he endured. After the danger had passed, Ed, haggard as a waif, was admitted to the sacred precincts. It was a boy. Karen greeted him with a weak smile. Ed's was almost as wan, but he was gay for her sake. "Hollywood ought to see you now, hon!" She brightened like a rainbow. "Just for that I'm going to get well real soon!" she promised. . . . and she did. The "Inseparables" became three. They named their son Robert. Karen seemed more beautiful beautiful than ever. We came to ap preciate Ed's pet phrase: "Honey, if Hollywood could see you!" Karen Greeted Him With a Smile approval. The boy was dark, too. I watched pensively as the youth, being tutored by the diver, paddled paddled about in the water. The question formed itself in my mind. "Rocky," I demanded, "is that Ed Moran?" Rocky followed my nod. "On the board now?' "Yes." i "That Ed," he replied, 'and his son." I was silent momentarily. 'He's alone I mean, Karen isn't with him," I noted. "Uhuh." "Why?" I asked. . Rocky did not answer immediately. immediately. His eyes wandered out to the two figures on the board, and on past to a sailboat. They wavered, wavered, imperceptibly. "You've heard Ed's pet phrase for Karen?" he asked. I thought, and it came to me. "You mean 'If Hollywood could see you now?' " "Uhuh. Rocky got up and inhaled inhaled deeply of his cigaret. He blew solemn clouds of smoke toward toward the ocean. ! "Well . . . it did!" Rocky said. ONE MRS. TTULLER and so door. The to be looking there was shortage over the But Mrs. Yul-ler Yul-ler neeeded one most. made most fuss about anyhow. Every time she to scrub own " kitchen floor you could hear her shrieks down to Wilber St. When any her friends advertised a maid, Yuller said get any using, send All the whenever an ad in out of the see what it walked down OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople HE MK5HT HAVE BLUE BLOOP, BUT HE HAS A BED MECK MEV; HOC PULL THAT CKIMSOM "BEAK CP YOL1P.S DOW OUT OP TH' STKATOSPH OT2. THEY'LL -BE -BE U5IMG IT AS A T7ANJGER T3LDUKER FOR AIR PL A WES ' LOOK AT ty HE PELL HEIP5 )J I TO TH ' OLD X PRAKE SJ HE HASGROWM h PM SO CHESTY, fcK Pfii HiS SHIRTS -' -' 7 W WLI HAVE 1 J7- J7- fjf'l . CQP 37 BY NEA"Sv!n?C T- T- Et-. Et-. Et-. U S. PT. OFF. ERE, m MS HJM-M HJM-M HJM-M X MUST SPEAK TO OA-SOU OA-SOU OA-SOU ABOUT SWEEP) UP A LITTLE CLEAMERt LEAVINJC3 .LITTER LYIU3 AROUWO THE HOUSE, LIKE "THIS I M Kt I ' I BIG CHIEF WAHOO I "Vf I SAY. T SCALPS? 1 7 WAITER Ti NOPE-WAHOO'S NOPE-WAHOO'S NOPE-WAHOO'S I I HAVE YOU TRIBE ALL I 1 ! ANY PEACEFUL. I AJ V.Al I flPS? I I IM.IllMQi I THE WIGWAMI CLUB IS TOPSY TURVY .' I J.MORTIMER GUSTO, THE PENNILESS PROMOTER,! HAS WAHOO, I WORLD'5 RICHEST REDSKIN, WAITING TABLE IN if WELL , I'M MIGHTY , HUNGRY SO BRING ME A BOWL OF SOUP WHILE WE MAKE OUT OUR. RDER-AND'HURRYVj RDER-AND'HURRYVj RDER-AND'HURRYVj

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  1. The Pittsburgh Press,
  2. 19 Jul 1937, Mon,
  3. Page 32

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